Flootech pulp and paper market

The world needs paper products. It also needs means for producing paper using sustainable and environmentally safe methods. A thorough knowledge and understanding of industrial processing techniques is critical to ensuring the successful design of water and wastewater treatment plants. Flootech supplies products and implements processes that have been developed to meet the more stringent requirements of pulp and paper production in today’s world.

Effective water treatment processes help clients to increase productivity, enhance machine life and improve product quality while optimizing water treatment costs. Flootech supplies entire systems for the production and management of fresh and process waters as well as for the efficient treatment of wastewaters and effluents. An extensive range of research and technology development equipment is available, as are facilities for laboratory testing, pilot and full-scale trials.

Flootech’s process design knowledge can reduce operational and maintenance costs across a plant. Using high-specification components and equipment in our products provides increased reliability and will dramatically reduce a plant’s whole-life costs by extending its design life.

Manufacturing throughput can be increased by using water of consistently high quality, thus increasing profit potential and reducing costs. Flootech supplies entire systems for the production and management of fresh and process waters as well as for the efficient treatment of wastewaters and effluents. Flootech’s technological advances and the increasing sophistication of its systems are major elements in the drive to reduce the costs of water and wastewater treatment.

Water treatment processes can enhance clients’ productivity and product quality, and optimize their water treatment costs. Flootech has well-established, cutting-edge technologies and recognized trademarks, an equipment base installed worldwide and an extended global presence. Our portfolio of products includes screening, sedimentation, filtration, flotation, biological treatment, ion exchange and membrane technologies that are recognized for both performance and efficiency. Experienced, highly skilled engineering personnel across the globe assure complete technical and operational support for our clients.

With hundreds of installations worldwide and a high level of competence in the pulp and paper industry, Flootech adds value to clients’ processes by improving productivity and ensuring that environmental regulatory requirements are fulfilled.

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flootech raw water treatment solution Flootech’s clarification process softens water, removes turbidity, algae, color, iron and metals. Ideal for removing suspended solids from raw water, if clarified water requires further polishing by filtering, residual solids are efficiently removed via granular media filtration systems, which use sand, anthracite and/or activated carbon. Solid particles are trapped in the media and, when exhausted, are flushed by backwashing with air and water.
flootech process water recycling solution Today’s requirements for decreased water consumption call for improved water management at mills. Flootech’s solutions born of significant pulp and paper industry experience respond solidly to that challenge.
flootech wastewater treatment solution Today, industrial plants are taking full responsibility for the way their process waters affect production and the environment. Fresh water taken from nature is cleaned, utilized and recycled carefully within the processes and, when returned to nature, that water must meet stringent standards. These targets can be achieved using FlooBed-based biological treatment solutions.
flootech biological treatment solution Biological treatment removes dissolved organic hydrocarbons from water. Flootech’s sophisticated, compact Floobed® Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) uses special, freely moving biofilm carriers, which suit high capacity operations, are particularly tolerant of variations in feed flow rate and quality, and give consistently high quality results.
flootech sludge handling solution When wastewater is treated either biologically or through physical/chemical methods, sludge is produced. The disposal method for the sludge and the associated costs can significantly affect the payback and economics of a wastewater treatment plant installation. Flootech has experience treating sludges from all types of municipal and industrial wastewater systems and is able to offer solids handling equipment for sludge thickening or dewatering.
flootech chemical handling solution Correct chemical storage and dosing is essential to the proper operation of industrial and municipal water and wastewater treatment plants. The correct selection of chemicals, chemical dose rate and mixing parameters is critical and has a direct impact on the availability, performance and service life of process equipment.
flootech parts and services solution Flootech is proud to supply complete processes and to provide the diverse knowledge and expertise required to ensure that the plant and processes operate reliably. We target at optimized process results and economical operational costs at the customer’s plant. Customer satisfaction is our first priority. A delivery from Flootech ensures close cooperation with the customer starting from the evaluation of the best technological solution to installation, process optimization, training and start-up as well as after sales services covering spare part support and maintenance.
flootech water intake systems flooscreen

Flootech’s equipment for raw water intake and water treatment is based on decades of experience and numerous references in many parts of the world. FlooScreen™ equipment portfolio includes:

Related technologies

flootech floodaf technology Dissolved Air Flotation (also known as microflotation) is a well-known method of particle separation. Microbubbles are created by dissolving air into water under pressure. When the air-saturated pressurized water is released, microbubbles are formed. Chemical, physical and electrical forces cause suspended solids and colloids to attach to one another and to air bubbles. These particle flocs then float to the water’s surface and are scraped off. Coagulation and / or flocculation chemicals are used to enhance the process.
flootech floobed mbbr technology The FlooBed® MBBR, Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor, is a biological treatment process for industrial and municipal applications. The core of the process is an advanced biofilm carrier element combined with optimized, energy efficient aeration and mixing, using continuous process control.
flootech flooscreen technology

Flootech’s equipment for raw water intake and water treatment is based on decades of experience and numerous references in many parts of the world. FlooScreen™ equipment portfolio includes:

Flootech FlooSand G Sand Filtration

FlooSand™ G Sand Filtration Process

flootech flooix technology

FlooIX™ mixed bed process

flootech floomb technology

FlooMB™ mixed bed process

Flootech Floouv technology

FlooUV™ for Ultraviolet disinfection