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Flootech to deliver a resource-efficient water treatment plant to DIN Forsyning’s power plant

din forsyning esbjerg harbor project

Turku, August 10, 2021Flootech, a leading provider of water treatment solutions and technologies, is pleased to announce to produce, deliver, install, and commission the process equipment for a water treatment plant to DIN Forsyning´s power plant, located in the harbor area of Esbjerg, Denmark. The water treatment plant is set to start operations in January 2023.

The agreement between Flootech and DIN Forsyning represents a significant part of a larger plan, where three de-centralized heat production units are planned to be constructed on the same site to replace the existing coal-fired power plant. A 50MWth seawater heat pump, an expected 40MW of electrical boiler, and a 60MWth wood chips fired heating boiler is set to establish a new sustainable heat production plant to provide green district heating in Esbjerg.

Flootech´s delivery to the plant will include a Water Pretreatment System to produce technical water, a District Heating (DH) Water Cleaning Plant to clean existing DH water as well as to purify external water resources to enable them to be used as DH make-up water, and a Flue Gas Condensate (FGC) Treatment Plant to purify all raw condensate produced by the flue gas condenser. The water treatment plant will produce and recycle high-quality water and flue gas condensate to minimize water consumption, ensuring that the maximal operational reliability and production efficiency of the plant will be reached.

The water treatment plant includes solutions based on technologies developed by Flootech, such as FlooSand™ Sandfiltration, FlooCarb™ Activated Carbon Filtration, FlooIX™ Ion Exchange, FlooDeGas™ CO2 and O2 removal, FlooUF™ Ultrafiltration, and FlooRO™ Reverse Osmosis. The plant has been designed to significantly decrease energy and chemical consumption as well as to minimize rejects in water treatment while being tailor-made for DIN Forsyning to ensure that stringent environmental regulatory requirements are fulfilled.


We have very strict wastewater discharge demands from the authorities due to the fact Esbjerg is adjacent to the natural preserve Natura2000 and UNESCO world heritage area (Wadden Sea). Flootech technology meets the strictest demands and protects the sensitive marine environment.” says Kenneth Jørgensen, Project Director of DIN Forsyning.

We greatly value the fact that we’ve been selected as the supplier of a Water Pretreatment System, a District Heating (DH) Water Cleaning Plant and a Flue Gas Condensate (FGC) Treatment Plant for DIN Forsyning´s power plant, in Esbjerg. We will do our part to help DIN Forsyning operate resource-efficiently by delivering advanced water treatment solutions that provide very clean water for the needs of the energy production process, while decreasing the water consumption as well as minimizing environmental impactsays Mikko Siivonen, CEO of Flootech.


About Flootech

Flootech is a Finnish-based provider of high end technological solutions used in water and wastewater treatment. Flootech specialises in industrial and power plant resource-efficient water, wastewater treatment and water recycling solutions to allow its customers to produce high quality process water, minimize water, energy and chemical consumption as well as environmental impact.

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