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Expert services

expert services flootech
expert services flootech
  • Process optimization
    • Decreasing the chemical and energy consumption
    • Improving the process’s operational efficiency
    • Extending the membranes’ change interval
    • Minimizing the operation and maintenance costs
    • Increasing the capacity of membranes and filters and prolonging their working life.
    • Extending the aerators’ and aerator membranes’ change interval
  • Supervision of installation
  • Plant commissioning
  • Training of operating personnel
  • Engineering studies and services (i.a. mathematical modeling and laboratory analysis)
  • Automation and instrumentation control systems
  • Troubleshooting
  • Exchange and maintenance services for membranes, nozzles, filters, resins and aerators
  • Washing services for membranes, filters and aerators
  • Preserving services for membranes
  • Service agreements