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Invitation to PulPaper 2022 Exhibition

pulp and paper exhibition

We warmly welcome you to visit the PulPaper 2022 exhibition and to join us at this meaningful gathering. At the exhibition, we at the Flootech stand are pleased to discuss and present you our most recent additions to our wide and competitive offering of solutions and technologies for Water and Wastewater Treatment and Water Reuse.


MBBR Wastewater Treatment Applications

  • FlooBed® BAS (MBBR, Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor and Activated Sludge System)
  • FlooBed® DAF (MBBR and Microflotation system)
  • FlooBed® RE (MBBR for Wastewater Treatment Plant upgrades)

Anaerobic Wastewater and Gas Treatment

  • Econvert-IR® (Internal Recirculation for ideal process conditions)
  • Econvert-UASB®
  • Econvert-EGSB® (Expanded Granular Sludge Bed)
  • Econvert-Dsulph®

Physical-Chemical Treatment

FlooDaf® Microflotation, FlooClari™ Clarifiers, FlooSand™ Sandfilters, FlooCarb™ AC for:

  • Water treatment
  • Process water treatment and recycling
  • Effluent pre-, secondary- and tertiary treatment

Membrane Technology and Ion Exhangers

  • FlooRO™ Reverse Osmosis for boiler feed water, CPP, Flue Gas Condensate, water reuse
  • FlooUF™ Ultrafiltration for water treatment, reuse, pretreatment for boiler waters
  • FlooIX™ Ion Exchangers for boiler feed water, Condensate Polishing, Flue Gas Condensate


We would be pleased to book an appointment with you in advance at our stand in case needed.

Please contact with any queries or advance bookings.



Mikko Siivonen, CEO


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