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Flootech Floouv technology

FlooUV™ for Ultraviolet disinfection

The process to reduce the amount of microorganisms in water, by means of ultraviolet light is called “ultraviolet disinfection”. It is used in all kinds of water to reduce the amount of microorganisms such as bacteria, protozoa, viruses, fungi, algae.

FlooUV™ for TOC reduction

FlooUV is used for TOC reduction in boiler feed water plants. The effect of UV treatment is either total mineralization or dissociation of the TOCs making them removable by polishing filters. A side effect of TOC reduction by UV light is the disinfection of the treated water. As the applied TOC UV dose is approximately 10 times greater than the regular UV dose for disinfection, the water is additionally well disinfected after TOC treatment.