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Metal treatment can be a valuable product, the production of which demands efficiency, and that efficiency is tied tightly to the production, processing and use of water.

Often, water sources are located far from the places of Metal treatment processing. Almost always, the Metal treatment sector’s treatment of water is subject to exacting standards and environmental regulations. As populations grow and the competition for water resources increases, we will help you make the most effective use of the water resources available to you.

Flootech can be relied upon to recommend the ideal processes, technologies and products for our clients to address their particular circumstances and meet their specific requirements.

At Flootech, we are dedicated to managing the water resources that are vital to the Metal treatment industry. Whatever your need, wherever you are based, Flootech has the solutions to ensure that your company makes the most cost-effective use of the water resources you employ. Flootech aims to help you maximize your output, meet the regulatory requirements of your local sites and minimize your environmental impact.

Flootech supplies entire systems for the production and management of fresh and process waters as well as for the efficient treatment of wastewaters and effluents. Water is a shared resource and Flootech truly believes that every small improvement in the way we use it will have a significant impact on the environment. Flootech’s technological advances and the increasing sophistication of its systems are major elements in the drive to reduce the costs of water and wastewater treatment.

Water treatment processes can enhance clients’ productivity and product quality, and optimize their water treatment costs. Flootech has well-established, cutting-edge technologies and recognized trademarks, an equipment base installed worldwide and an extended global presence. Our portfolio of products includes screening, sedimentation, filtration, DAF and membrane technologies that are recognized for both performance and efficiency. Experienced, highly skilled engineering personnel assure complete technical and operational support for our clients.