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Water Intake Systems

flootech water intake system flooscreen that is used when a high degree of mechanical water purification is needed

Flootech’s equipment for raw water intake and water treatment is based on decades of experience and numerous references in many parts of the world. FlooScreen™ equipment portfolio includes:

  • Drum Basket Filters
  • Travelling Basket Filters
  • Bar Screens
  • Sluice Gates

When screening surface water from seas, lakes or rivers, the system can be equipped with mechanical solutions or pressurised air curtains to protect marine life – and to improve the quality of water.

FlooScreen™ Drum Basket Filters

Flootech´s drum basket filters are used when a high degree of mechanical purification is needed. These filters have a proven reliability as they are used in a large number of installations worldwide. They are able to separate particles down to 22 μm. The largest drum basket filters supplied by Flootech have a capacity of 4,800 m³/h.

When using drum basket filters it is essential that the water level is kept stable, i.e. the water is pumped through the filter. The filter is installed on a concrete base or is placed in a separate tank made of steel.

FlooScreen™ Travelling Basket Filters

Flootech’s travelling basket filters are suitable for treating the intake water when it is taken directly from a river or a lake or from the open sea by gravity flow. Travelling basket filters are particularly recommended when there are large fluctuations in the water level. The filter screen has a mesh size ranging from 0,2mm
to 5mm depending on the application.

The screen is made of stainless steel or PET (polyethylene terephthalate) material. The capacities range up to 50,000 m³/h.

FlooScreen™ Bar Screens

Flootech’s bar screens are used to ensure that larger objects do not get into the downstream process. The grid of the screen is designed to prevent clogging. The trash collected on the grid is automatically removed at intervals by a cleaning rake. The function is switched on by either level sensors or timers, and it can also be activated manually.

There are three different bar screen types in the FlooScreen™ Bar Screen range: heavy-duty bar screens, vertical bar screens, and fine bar screens.

FlooScreen™ Sluice Gates

Flootechs’s sluice gates are elementary components in water canals and channels for stopping the water flow during operation, maintenance, service and repair work. They are supplied in different sizes.

They can be equipped with filling valves for refilling the water after maintenance work has been done.