Metsä Fibre, Kemi Mill

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Metsä Fibre, Kemi Mill decided to replace two old water treatment and demi plants  by a new energy efficient process. Flootech has delivered a complete process solution that includes raw water  treatment, demin water treatment and  condensate polishing. The new facility replaces two existing water treatment plants  at the Kemi mill and improves the quality of produced water as well as the operational reliability.

The raw water treatment plant has two lines; one so called cold line operates in 20‐35 degrees Celsius  and the other so called warm line operates  in temperatures up to 60 degrees Celsius. High temperature flotation is a very exceptional solution and a very rare competitor could offer a similar system.  Raw water is pre-heated cooling water from evaporation plant and has not been exploited before. By reusing warm cooling water as raw water, heating demand of source water has been reduced significantly. Additionally the process heat from flue gas condensate is used to warm chemically treated raw water.

Due to the new user-friendly and energy efficient water  plant  the customer can improve the quality of pulp  and decrease waste material. With the optimal application of technology and process solutions we have delivered a sustainable, energy‐efficient process which reduces customer´s business risk. The plant takeover was in March 2012.

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