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flootech floodaf microflotation technology for particle separation

Benefits and features

  • Single-level low construction
  • Highly efficient dispersion water system
  • Small footprint – low space requirement
  • Savings in civil works and space
  • High separation efficiency
  • Good tolerance for hydraulic and solid variations
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Lower overall capital expenditure
  • Aftermarket care

Dissolved Air Flotation

Dissolved Air Flotation (also known as microflotation) is a well-known method of particle separation. Microbubbles are created by dissolving air into water under pressure. When the air-saturated pressurized water is released, microbubbles are formed. Chemical, physical and electrical forces cause suspended solids and colloids to attach to one another and to air bubbles. These particle flocs then float to the water’s surface and are scraped off. Coagulation and / or flocculation chemicals are used to enhance the process.