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Flootech FlooSand G, sand filtration technology for water treatment

FlooSand™ G Sand Filtration Process

  • Combined and separated air/water backwash capability.
  • Better washing effect than only water
  • Robust and durable steel structure
  • Filtering laterals fill the whole bottom of the basin enabling full coverage of the filtered area

FlooSand™ C Sand Filtration Process

  • Compact structure taking little space.
  • Sand bed traps impurities and suspended solids from the incoming water.
  • A small amount of cleaned filtrate is used as washing water for the separately connected sand washer beside the sand filter unit.
  • Capacity of one unit is up to 40 m³/h.
  • External sand washing unit enables easy maintenance.

FlooSand™ P Sand Filtration Process

  • Combined backwash minimizes shutdown time and water consumption.
  • Optimally designed nozzle plate ensures even flow throughout the whole sand bed.
  • Automated backwash reclassifies the sand filtration bed and removes any fines or suspended matter.
  • Sand filtration also protects other water treatment units such as reverse osmosis membranes and ion exchange resins.